This is an excellent, long city route using lot’s of quiet lanes, parts of the Monsanto Parque. It’s quite uphill, so if you’re looking to improve upon your fit this would be ideal for you other wise you can choose one E-bike.

Although the route starts in LISBON BIKE RENTALS and it passes through the bairro alto, Principe Real next to the highest point heading to the incredible Aqueduct that was Builth in 18 cent. So you could join the ride if you wish a ride full of photos and stoping points.

Route Guide

The first 11.7 Km of the ride follow the same directions as my route so please have a look at that for more details about the start of the ride. https://www.lisbonbikerentals.com/our-bikes/


The route follows tarmac, cobble stones and gravel forest roads mostly in good condition. It’s rated as a 6 out of 10 for overall difficulty due to scarcity of ride without stopping, or extreme climate conditions as summer. After all, you are in one of the most populate areas in Portugal, so consider it to plan to get snacks and water you will find it everywhere.

After approximately 5Km you will reach the village of Serafina. Take a right here and follow the main road for approximately 1 mile, then take a right on to Coole Lane.

Reaching Monsanto Parque this marks the start of a really enjoyable section of the route using mostly traffic-free rural lanes. After a few hundred yards you will notice a lane off to your left sign-posted for the Monsanto Cycleway. You could take this lane as it does eventually rejoin the loop, but for this route just continue straight on.

This next section forms part of Sintra Natural parque . After just over ½ mile take a left opposite a large house and long driveway. These lanes are really quiet, mostly flat and generally in good condition so you can really roll along at a nice speed.

After 2 miles go left on to Belem Lane (don’t worry the road is much nicer to ride on than the name would suggest!). Follow this lane until you come to a junction and then go left.

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Recommended bikes

CANYON Grail Alalt Love


01 Westernmost A road-BIKE EXPERIENCE to roadies cyclists with option 80km / 100 and 120Km. Enjoy the Lisbon pure cycling next to our Atlantic View 02 belem love FAMILY ride to Belem path. Meet the Tagus next to the Atlantic in a sunny day View 03 HIDdEN gems Discover the hidden spots of Lisbon by Bike. A unique experience made for passionates bike explorers with a lot of Ups and downs in a 7 Hills Capital View 04 OFF ROADn OFF ROAD Gravel or MTB ride only for Off road enthusiasts, ether MTB or Gravel.nn From LISBON Forest to Arrabida Hills and Return by train back to Lisbon. A ride of Extreme 100K for skills riders. View 04 HISTORIC FIELDS Experience Project 2020 nfor Lisbon bike rentals View 06 NEW LISBON Experience Project 2020 nfor Lisbon bike rentals® View 07 MAJESTIC HILLS Unforgettable bike ride access to more than 7 hills. Be a hero of our town. nnAn experience for expert riders or by E-bikes. View


Due to all traffic and mobility restrictions applied in the city council, Lisbon Bike Rentals is providing services of bike delivery and pickup to our guests. Please share your special needs in the booking form to our back office. We wish to thank you for making our beautiful sport and passion alive as it is.