Belem Love

We have this saying in Lisboa ´One Belem ride per day will keep the divorce away´

This joyful therapy has been practiced by Lisbon citizens for decades and now it is also available to our dear visitors. Walking, jogging and recently biking the route will get you further into scenic locations along the Atlantic Ocean. 



The path, bathed in spectacular light, starts exactly in our shop front and takes you through iconic landmarks of the riverside.  As with most of our other experiences, you don’t need a guide or any kind of location support to fully enjoy it. 

Remember to rent a lock if you wish to park your bike and visit any of the monuments on the way. (Here is a map places that can be visit in Belem)

Belem is more than the destination to the Portuguese age of exploration, the popular Belem Tower or splendid site of Mosteiros dos Jerónimos. You will also encounter examples of a new Lisbon Design that have been placed next to the Tagus path.

It is a path to enjoy at your own pace, without rush, stopping here and there to capture a moment, grab a snack or admire many of eye catching details. You will find hidden spots and great perspectives over the river and its bridge, recognized for Lisbon´s unique photo plans. If you feel for a faster pace ride, then we recommend checking out one of our other experiences such as the Hidden gems or Majestic hills. 


The Belem ride is a simple path with heart filling expansive views – great for families, children or special needs riders. The pavement isn’t the best that you are use to, for that reason we recommend MTB bicycles for Lisbon and everything will be very smooth and easy.

Here the biggest problem that you encounter is just how many Pastel de natas you can eat before returning. This tour will pass in the Pastel de Belem Door.

The time needed to explore the riverside is generally 3 hours at the minimum. If you decide to do it in less time, you may surprise yourself with a hint of disappointment when you need to cut your ride to return on time.

Start your ride early as possible or you may find a lot of people like you, wishing to enjoy a great day in this Sunniest Tagus Paradise.


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