The resume

We could call it the edge of Europe’s nose. Up until the XV century, it was the end of the known world. Besides Cape Roca, we guessed a word full of scary creatures, unknown forces, treacherous mermaids and certain shipwreck. Several people since the Neolithic period, and more recently, Romans and Arabs, celebrated the geographical and mystical importance of Monte da Lua and Serra de Sintra.

The route

As we leave Lisbon, we leave the big city to proceed towards the headquarters of the Discoveries. Belém Tower and the Jerónimos Monastery are excellent examples that remind us of audacious times.

We cycle along the Tagus River, which gradually gives way to the Atlantic Ocean. Sunny road that pass through several beaches to Cascais.

Cascais was a refuge for royal families and spies from various countries, during the Second World War. The route goes through the village and will definitely enter another dimension. More nature and less busy roads. The azimuth is Cape Roca. Gently, we begin the ascent that will take us to this mythical place. Next, we have the crossing of the Serra de Sintra along its entire length. Leaving the main road, we enter the forest and World Heritage monuments.

Capuchos Convent (1560), Pena Palace (1854), Mouros Castle (8th and 9th centuries) are some of the various points of interest. Upon arriving in Sintra, a coffee break.


Time to return to Lisbon. After a short climb, we again point towards the ocean. Smooth descent until we reach the coastal road. This time, it is on the right side, more present to all the senses, especially the sense of smell. Lisbon is getting closer. The 25 de Abril Bridge appears on the horizon and we know that this route ends there.

The glorious moment is when you reach Lisbon Bike RENTALS. A good warm
Shower ready next to a private sofa to relax and to enjoy our nice Blend coffee. Meanwhile you will be sharing your best shots moments to our team and other cyclists that just arrived from another experience. 

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