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Bike Rental services

With Lisbon Bike Rentals you will be able to get top Bikes with a great costumer service to support you during your stay.

*Lisbon Bike Rentals® cycling experience is the highest rated in Portugal, according to the Google Business users. We have different ranges, types, sizes and styles ready for your ride.

Meet our crew to obtain suggestions for good routes to enjoy a perfect stay in Lisbon.

If you are a tourist please use more Bikes and help Lisbon to be a delight city with a better life quality for our citizens.

Bicycle Repairman

We want to support our customers that are using our Bikes in Lisbon and we know how! We have ready for you the famous Bicycle Repairman and he can do everything for your Bike.

Probably we are the very first Bike rentals shop with the support service. A way of working on Bikes that is both professional and mechanically sound. Enjoy!

Lisbon Bike Tours

Enter into the narrow and historic center of Lisbon with certified professionals and great bikes.

Contact us for a complete information how you can experience bike tours that include bike guide leaders, Bikes, mechanics and other professional support.

Make the best of your stay in this charming city and embark on this unique adventure with local people. We will minimize your effort while you visit many of the backstreets and famous locations of Lisbon.

Cycling experiences

Located in one of Europe’s most charismatic cities, with its breath-taking views overlooking the Tagus river, Lisbon Bike Rentals® welcomes you to a trustworthy cycling culture with an exciting selection of bicycles.
Feel at home embraced by our crew and enter an explorer mood. Choose from the most diverse selection of bikes available in the city and get an access to the best tour guides for in-city and off-road secret routes.
Our front door offers a privileged access to sail over a coastal road of hundred miles. You will enjoy stunning views of the Tagus river and the breeze over picturesque villages of the Atlantic coast. Our home is also a perfect springboard to challenge yourself through rolling hills of the World´s Heritage Sintra. Whatever route you choose, you will always enjoy the comfort of our top-class mechanical support.

If you are a company contact us for more information.

Long Term Rental Program

We want to help riders to go further. For this reason we have a long term rental program ready for you.

Imagine that you want to make a long journey trip and the total amount of this rental is more that the price of a Bike. In this situation we will provide a unique service of selling you a Bike with the possibility of return. We guarantee the return amount of money up to 50%, depending on the state and condition of this vehicle.

It’s a question of respect, respect our Bikes and we will return money back.
Limited to available bikes.

Bike Packing Service

And when you are ready to head back home with your Bike… We are the only company that is packing Bikes in Lisbon.

We will prepare your Bike for a safe return trip and that includes: cleaning, disassembling, protection and packing. Your Bike is ready to fly 🙂

Your bike is safe with us.

…Ohh! and if you need we can carry your Bike to Lisbon Airport.

We are here to help bikers, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

In just a few simple clicks you can easily rent a Bike now! Book Now!

About us

Bikes made for Lisbon

Our mission is to extend your experience to a next level with our selected BIKES prepared for different locations, pavement, streets of LISBON and designed for a different range of bikers. We are happy sharing and providing the best cycling routes made for a new Lisbon!

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